About Us

Candlelighters of Western Washington is committed to easing the burdens felt by families dealing with a pediatric cancer diagnosis and its issues. Children with cancer face aggressive treatments…are often uprooted from home family and friends, which creates a difficult path for everyone. A cancer diagnosis hits a family at its core. Caring for a child or teen in treatment necessitates a great investment of time emotion and financial resources. In the case of families with more than one child… there are siblings who need to feel supported as well. In most cases, one parent has to stop working to care for the patient. The impact of a son or daughter diagnosed with cancer affects the family financially, emotionally and socially. The strain often ends marriages and thus further affects the patient’s emotional health and that of the entire family.

Since 1977 we have been dedicated to providing direct support to families. Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Western Washington uses all proceeds raised to provide programs and educational materials, funeral assistance funds, Care Bags and family fun events.